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28 Print layouts    
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1st Printing 1973 Raoul Tranchirer »Frau Grau« Poem
4 wood etchings, Font: Garamond
Brochure, printed
170 copies
2nd Printing 1973 1973 Theodor Storm „Bulemanns Haus«Novelette
9 etchings, Font: Markgraf-Fraktur
Hardback, printed
15 copies
3rd Printing 1973 August Strindberg »Was der Tabakschuppen verbarg«Fairy tale
6 etchings, font: Garamond
Hardback, printed
23 copies
4th Printing 1974 Johannes Bobrowski »Mäusefest« Story
9 wood engravings, font: Futura light
Hardback with protective cover, printed
170 copies
5th Printing 1974 Gustav Janouch »Heckmeck« Prager Nachtstück (Story)
17 etchings, combined with linocuts, coloured
Font: Promoter, coloured
Hardback, printed
110 copies
  1975 (not counted) »Storm-Mappe«
16 etchings & 4 typographical sheets (not bound, no complete texts) for 4 Novelettes by Theodor Storm
Font: Oud Hollands
Half linen with protective cover
30 copies
6th Printing 1975 Christian Hofmann von Hofmannswaldau
»Ausgewählte Gedichte«
21 etchings, Font: Breitkopf-Fraktur
Half-leather binding, 60 copies
Images printed by Werkstätten für Kupferdruck M. Kätelhön, Mohnsee
7th Printing 1976

Samuel Beckett »Der Ausgestoßene«Story
11 wood engraving, Font: Madison small light
Hardback, embossed
170 copies
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8th Printing 1977 Dylan Thomas »Die Nachgänger«, »The followers«Story
29 etchings, 2 colours, Font: Madison, coloured
80 German copies, 40 English copies
9th Printing 1978 Friedrich Hölderlin »Patmos«Poem
5 linocuts, coloured, Font: Garamond, coloured
Leather binding / hardback, embossed
100 copies
10. Druck 1979 Novalis »Fabeln«, »Fables«
8 wood engravings in 2 colours, Font: Bodoni
Leather binding, embossed
150 German copies, 30 English copies
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11. Druck 1980 Georg Trakl »Gesang des Abgeschiedenen«
»Traum und Umnachtung«Poems and prose
14 Resin engravings, coloured,
Font: Nicolas Cochin, Hardback, embossed
120 Copies
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12th Printing 1981 Adelbert von Chamisso »Salas y Gomez«Poem and Diary entries
7 etchings, Fonts: Walbaum, Cancolleresca Bastarda
Half leather binding, printed
180 copies
13th Printing 1982 Philipp Otto Runge »Van den Machandelboom«,
»The Juniper-Märchen«
15 wood engravings, coloured, Fonts: Oud Hollands, Vendome
Hammer Unziale, Romanee Kursiv
Hardback with protective cover, embossed
180 copies, German and English
14th Printing 1983/
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
»Der Zauberflöte zweiter Teil«
10 etchings, coloured, combined with resin engravings
Fonts: Romulus. Cancelleresca Bastarda, coloured
Leather binding 155 copies
Images printed by Werkstätten für Kupferdruck H. Kätelhön,
15th Printing 1985/

13 authors, 13 wood engravings, resin engraving, linocuts,
Approx. 50 different fonts, coloured
Leather binding, embossed
195 copies
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16th Printing 1987 August Strindberg »Gespenstersouper« Chamber play
With letters to Emil Schering
4 etchings, Fonts: Lutetia, Futura light
Hardback, embossed
180 copies
Images printed by Werkstätten für Kupferdruck H. Kätelhön,
17th Printing 1988 Jean-Henri Fabre »Der Abend des Nachtpfauenauges«Description
16 resin engravings, combined with linocuts, coloured
Font: Romanee, coloured
Hardback, embossed
180 copies
18th Printing 1989 Yvan Goll »Der Neue Orphens« Dithyramb
With 7 Orphean hymns
7 astralon cuts, two colours
Fonts: Block condensed, Garamond, coloured
Hardback, embossed
180 copies
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19th Printing 1990

Franz Kafka »Betrachtung« 18 prose pieces
5 resin engravings, coloured, Font: Nicolas Cochin
Leather binding, embossed
175 copies
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20th Printing 1991 Christian Morgenstern »Das Mittagsmahl«
Parody on Gabriele d'Annunzio
5 resin engravings, combined with linocuts, coloured
Font: Vendome, coloured
Brochure, printed, in half-linen portfolio
185 copies
21th Printing 1992 »Historia von D. Johann Fausten«
21st chapter of the chapbook. With excerpts from Goethe's "Faust" and Dante's "Divine Comedy"
8 resin engravings, combined with linocuts, coloured
55 images, photopolymer plates, single colour
Fonts: Alte Schwalbacher, Bembo, Bembo Kursiv, coloured
Typesetting and text printing by Buchdruckerei SchumacherGebler, München
Leather binding, embossed.
190 copies
    From the 22nd printing and further:
Typesetting and text printing by Offizin Haag.Drugulin, Leipzig
Image printing based on proofs by RQ: Till Verclas, Hamburg
22th Printing 1994/

Eugene Ionesco »Der Fußgänger der Luft« Story »Fußgänger der Luft«
5 resin engravings, with photopolymer plates, coloured (loose-leaf)
Font: Gill halbfett, coloured
2 Hardbacks, 1 portfolio, Plexiglas cassette, printed
120 copies

23th Printing 1996 Scardanelli (Friedrich Hölderlin) »Die Vier Jahreszeiten«
Poems. With notes, diary entries and letters from five contemporaries.
4 photopolymer plate images, combined with wood engravings, coloured. Font: Centaur, coloured
150 copies
24th Printing 1997 William Shakespeare »Venus und Adonis«,
Epic poem in 199 verses.
With contributions by Karl Kerenyi and Charles Virolleaud
6 etchings, combined with photopolymer plates, coloured
Fonts: Van Dijk, Van Dijk Kursiv, Block, in two colours
160 copies, German and English
25th Printing 1998 Roswitha Quadflieg „Die zwanzig Dichter der Raamin-Presse«
Gallery, review, memoires, in retrospect.
20 portraits and 1 essay in the 25th year of the Raamin-Presse
20 etchings, with photopolymer plates, coloured
Font: Baskerville Versalien
Leporello, half-leather binding, embossed
100 copies
26th Printing 1999 Hans Magnus Enzensberger
»Ohne uns. Ein Totengespräch«
A dialogue
8 graphics (photopolymer plates) combined with
wood engravings.
Fonts: Grotesque bold, Vendôme
Hardback, yellow Chinese paper inside, transparent paper and
Black handmade paper
250 copies
. .   .
27th Printing 2000 Tankred Dorst
»Ich will versuchen, Kupsch zu beschreiben« A monologue
With the 13th chapter of "Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray"
by Oscar Wilde
7 graphics (photopolymer plates, two as foldouts)
Fonts: Block condensed and Times bold
Hardback, inside hand made blue-gray paper from France
110 copies

. .   .
28th Printing 2003 Samuel Beckett
»Alles kommt auf so viel an«
The Hamburg chapter from "German Diaries"
2. October – 4. December, 1936. Original version
Transcribed and with an afterword by Erika Tophoven.
2 Leporelli with original illustrations and marginalia by RQ
Font: Gill mager
Hardback with embossing
150 copies
. . . .
    All book covers by Buchbinderei Christian Zwang, Hamburg  
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