Book designer

While still a student, RQ founded the Raamin-Presse – her own studio – in 1973 in Scheenefeld; on the western border of Hamburg. There she designed, set and printed world literature texts with her own original illustrations (wood prints, etchings, mixed techniques in resin, photopolymer plates and other media) as limited editions.
All bindings were supplied by Chrisitan and Thomas Zwang, Hamburg. There were 28 printings in all.
In 2003, the last volume was published. This was the heretofore unpublished Hamburg chapter of Samuel Beckett's "German Diaries" from 1936 and contained original illustrations and margin notes by RQ. From this work she developed the book, "Beckett was here." (See the list of titles under the heading, "PRESENT".)
The published works of the Raamin-Presse were purchased by
public and private collections and received awards (including the
Verlagspreis der Stadt Hamburg in 1998 [Publisher Award of the city of Hamburg]) and were displayed in various exhibitions; the most recent being in the Literaturhaus Berlin during the spring of 2014.
The studio was added as an endowment to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. Some of the typefaces were loaned to Marc Berger, Gransee. The Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek in Emden bought the entire archive in 2006.

RQ left the house – including the completely unkempt garden – in in spring of 2006. Thereafter she lived for 6 ½ years in Hamburg and Freiburg, alternately – a pleasant rotation between two very different cities.
Since the summer 2012 she lives in Berlin.

Excerpt : "das Buch vom Buch"
500 Jahre Buchgeschichte [500years of book history]
Hannover, 1955 (p. 435):

»RQ – with her 1973 in Hamburg founded Raamin-Presse has an excellent reputation as a printer and is among the women in her profession the most well-known book designer. Unlike the group orientated printing establishments of the 1960's, the former graphic design student and pupil of Richard von Sichowsky works as a loner. She chooses the texts herself and designs the typography…«


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