Autorenkarte Roswitha Quadflieg
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P R O S E:
Der Tod meines Bruders
(Report) 1985, Reprint by Stromfeld Verlag in 2010

Fabels Veränderung
Novel in one chapter; 1987 Arche/ TB Piper (out of print)

A "Bibliogenie", 1985, Arche
Essay about the creation of the 15th printing of the Ramin-Presse; with numerous coloured illustrations and black-and-white Photos of the studio (out of print)

Die Braut im Park
A novel of a life, 1991, Arche/TB Piper

20 Jahre Raamin-Presse 1973 - 1993
Almanach, 21 book histories; and one half, 1993 (out of print)

Bis dann
Novel, 1984, Arche/TB Piper

Wer war Christoph Lau?
Novel, 1986, Insel/TB Suhrkamp

Die Zwanzig Dichter der Raamin-Presse
Gallery, review, retrospection, analysis (out of print)

Alles Gute
Novel, 1986, Insel/TB Suhrkamp

Requiem für Jakob
A search for clues. With black-and-white photos
2005, Die Andere Bibliothek in the Aufbau Verlag

Beckett was here
Hamburg excerpt from Beckett's diary, 1936
With an introduction by Mark Nixon
and a contribution by Maike Bruns
including black-and-white photos – some not yet published.
New edition by Amazon in 2014; available both as hardback and eBook.

Der Glückliche
Novel in ten voices
2009, Stroemfeld Verlag.

A little story
2012, Stroemfeld Verlag

Neun Monate. On the death of my mother
2014, Aufbau Verlag, Berlin
also available as eBook

Brief an meine Schwester
Brief an meine Schwester
Leslie Malton with Roswitha Quadflieg
2015, Aufbau Verlag, Berlin
Also available as audio book; Leslie Malton reading

Das kurze Leben des Giuseppe M.
A victim of youth violence
2016, Transit Verlag, Berlin
Also available as audio book

Novel, co-authorship with Burkhart Veigel
2018, Europa Verlag; Munich, Berlin

R A D I O   P L A Y S :
Angst hat keine Augen
(First broadcast on SWR, 2009)
Der Glückliche
(First broadcast on Radio Bremen/WDR, 2012)
Königssohn (First broadcast on NDR, 2014)


P L A Y S  F O R  T H E  S T A G E
(rights by Per H. Lauke Verlag, Hamburg):

BIS DANN (adapted from the novel), premiered in 2008
HANDY premiered in 2008
MÜTTER, 2010
(As yet rights by RQ):

GIRA & MAU, 2012

A U D I O  B O O K :
Roswitha Quadflieg reads BIS DANN
Panter & Co. Edition, Dittrich Verlag, 2001

Roswitha Quadflieg BECKETT WAS HERE
Read by Norman Hacker, Jorg Koslowsky and Susanne Wolf.
Text adapted and directed by Christine Ratka
Edition: Thalia Hörwerk Nr. 01 / Hoffmann und Campe, 2006

S C R E E N P L A Y :


F I L M :

The novel Bis dann was filmed under the title,
Eine Herzensangelegenheit verfilmt.
Starring Martin Benrath.
First shown on ZDF, 1998.
The play Bis dann was translated into the Low German dialect under the title, Atschüüß, mien Leef und premiered at the Ohnsorg Theatre in Hamburg.
The High German original version was recorded live on Television.

Nachrichten aus Schenefeld
From 1977 through 2003 appeared "Nachrichten aus Schenefeld in Leporello format containing work studio reports, scene information, announcements of new printings and presentations by Roswitha Quadflieg.
Free shipment to friends and clients of Raamin-Presse.
There were 37 Issues in all. 1500 copies of each issue were printed.

Vergangenheit  Raamin Presse