Born in Zurich, Switzerland
Grew up in Hamburg, Germany

  Studied art, graphic design, and illustration at the former Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (Earned her licentiate degree as designer in 1973).
Studied typography at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg.
1973 - 2003

Her own publishing house in Schenefeld; western border of Hamburg. (More under book illustrator). As the last – 28th – she published as of the present date still unpublished work, The Hamburg chapter of Samuel Beckett's "German Diaries”, (1936) "Alles kommt auf so viel an."

Ab 1985

As her second profession – which became her sole occupation as of 2004 – author of novels, essays, short stories, theatre and radio plays, film scripts.
2006 - 2012
Active in two cities; Hamburg and Freiburg. There she founded the literary salon, "TextEtage". 25 presentation in all; including readings, lectures, features and films.
Seit 2012 Residing in Berlin. Her life partner is the orthopedist, publicist and former “escape helper”, Dr. Burkhart Veigel.

Member of the German Chapter of the author society P.E.N.

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